perfectly nothing

benden yazar olmaz
the climb`ın ilk albümünün en iyi şarkısı.

alone in myself
alone and no way
it`s not my logic but i can`t get myself no way
i am ugly
i am holy
others want to play with my mind take it away
city sick
something`s wrong in it
brick by brick
perfectly nothing...

don`t tell me your truth
into my eyes
just blow it to me
kill that holy with cold blood
okaliptusa küsen koala
Anno Domini Madness tarafından yazılmış bir şiir.

It was just before the bloody morning
Everything stayed the same but the king
Sun sucked the blood on the floor
Between the darkness and the sun was a war
And in the purgatory someone was questioning
When there left only one thing:
Perfectly nothing